Collapsapot Craypot


Collapsapot Craypot

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Product Description

Collapsapot Craypots are designed to make catching crayfish and lobster easy. Collapsapot’s patented unique design allows you to assemble and disassemble your craypots in less than a minute whilst also allowing you to transport and store your pots in confined spaces.

Made from solid 5mm steel mesh and plastic coated Collapsapot Craypots are quality built.

With the 5mm steel mesh creating low resistance through the water and combining with the heavy weight of the pot, both of these key features allow the craypots to sink quickly with no need to pre-soak your pots prior to use as required with conventional timber craypots.

The large mesh base of the pot sits securely on the sea floor reducing the rolling effect in heavier swells experienced by other designs.

Key Features : 

# 100% Collapsible, easy storage and transport.
# Made from 5mm / 7mm solid steel mesh construction and plastic coated.
# Each pot weight 20.0kgs (baited)
# Both collapsible bait box and neck included (additional accessories can be purchased separately)
# Meets West Australian department of fisheries regulations.
# 3 x Removable release gaps.
# Convenient replaceable elastic hooks system.